Booking for Caterpillars Baby Group & Butterflies Play & Stay for Monday Mornings

(Re-opening on Monday the 31st of January)

Sadly due to Covid-19 we have had to push back the opening date of our groups: Emails will now go out next week

Note: If you are booking on with us, please be patient, we will have received your booking however it relies on us personally replying to your request

For  Caterpillars Baby Group (non mobile Babies) up to 12 families (max of 20 adults)  on Monday mornings 9:30-10:15  (You will be booking for an 8 weeks Course)

Butterflies Play & Stay 10:30-12:15 (Mobile babies to pre-School age) a maximum of 25 adults (Butterflies) Children’s spaces are unrestricted.

Please answer these questions for booking in for either Caterpillars or Butterflies in the other details box please

1) Which group are you booking for?

2) Please inform us of the age of your child/children

3) Are you exempt from wearing a mask? If so please come to the group wearing your exemption lanyard. 

4) Please inform us of any allergies of your children or for yourself?

Due to Covid-19; restrictions on numbers of attendees are in place at present.

For regular updates visit our groups Facebook pages